Outdoor IP67 FRP Antenna Fiber Glass 1.4 GHz 3dB Length 150mm

Short Description:

• 1.4Ghz omnidirectional FRP antenna, designed to excel in harsh environments. This outdoor antenna is equipped with a UV resistant Fiberglass and IP67 design.

• Operating in the 1350-1450MHz frequency range, and antenna provides 3dBi peak gain.

• It is designed to be easily mounted on equipment or racks.

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Product Introduction

The 1.4GHz Fiberglass Antenna, the state-of-the-art solution for all your communication needs. With its impressive features and rugged design, this antenna is ideal for a wide range of applications including government affairs, public safety, emergency communications, drones and more.

The product uses a 3dBi omnidirectional outdoor fiberglass antenna with a working frequency range of 1350-1450MHz to ensure a seamless and reliable connection. With a peak gain of 6dBi, the antenna provides excellent performance and coverage, making it the first choice for long distance communication needs.

1.4G 15cm (2)
1.4G 15cm (4)
1.4G 15cm (1)

What sets this antenna apart is its omnidirectional radiation pattern, which distributes the signal evenly in all directions. This means you can rely on this antenna to provide 360-degree coverage in the horizontal plane, minimizing the need for additional nodes in multi-hop networks. This excellent coverage is further enhanced by its extremely low standing wave ratio, ensuring optimum signal performance at all times.

To withstand harsh weather conditions, the antenna is equipped with a UV-resistant fiberglass housing. This feature guarantees durability and reliability even under the most challenging environmental conditions. Rest assured that no matter where you choose to mount it, this antenna will stand the test of time.

Additionally, the antenna features an industry-standard Type-N connector for seamless compatibility with a wide variety of devices. We understand that different applications have different requirements, which is why we also offer custom connector options to meet your specific needs.

1.4G 15cm (3)

In summary, the 1.4GHz Fiberglass Antenna is a powerful and versatile solution for a variety of communication purposes. With its omnidirectional radiation pattern, excellent signal performance, and durable construction, this antenna is a perfect choice for government affairs, public safety, emergency communications, drones, and other critical applications. Experience seamless connectivity and unrivaled coverage with the 1.4GHz fiberglass antenna.

Product Specification

Electrical Characteristics
Frequency 1350-1450MHz
VSWR <2.0
Efficiency 84%
Peak Gain 3 dBi
Impedance 50 Ohm
Polarization Linear
Horizontal Beamwidth 360 °
Vertical Beamwidth 70 °±5
Max. Power 50W
Material & & Mechanical
Connector Type N connector
Dimension Φ 16*150 mm
Weight 0.08Kg
Radom material Fiberglass
Operation Temperature - 45˚C ~ +85 ˚C
Storage Temperature - 45˚C ~ +85 ˚C
Rated Wind Velocity 36.9m/s
Lighting Protection DC Ground


Antenna Passive Parameter




1. Public Safety.

2. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

3. Social Management.

4. Emergency Communications.

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