External Antenna 2G/3G/4G/5G

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Support 2G/3G/4G/5G

Efficiency 80% and Gain 3dBi

PC+ABS covering

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Product Introduction

This antenna is suitable for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G network modules and devices, providing reliable signal coverage and boosting functions, bringing a faster and more stable network connection experience.


One of the standout features of this 5G external antenna is its broadband support. It can operate in a wide frequency range, including 700-960MHz, 1710-2690MHz, 3300-3800MHz and 4200-4900MHz. This wide compatibility ensures that no matter what network environment you use, you can enjoy a reliable signal connection.

Another important feature of this external antenna is its low VSWR value. The VSWR of the antenna is less than 3.0, which provides a stable and consistent signal connection and reduces the risk of signal interruption. You can rely on this antenna to provide a stable signal reception and transmission experience.

The 5dBi gain of this external antenna is another impressive feature. This gain enables effective signal amplification to enhance signal coverage. With this antenna, you can enjoy a stable and high-speed 5G network over a longer distance and in a larger area.


In terms of construction, the radiator of this external antenna is made of PCB material. This material has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, which optimizes signal transmission. The antenna housing is made of durable PC+ABS plastic material, which provides excellent impact resistance and durability.

Product Specification

Electrical Characteristics

Frequency 700-960Hz; 1710-2690MHz; 3300-3800MHz; 4200-4900M
VSWR 5.0 Max@700-960Hz;3.0 Max@1710-2690MHz;         5.0 Max@3300-3800MHz; 4200-4900M
Gain 4G: 1.7dBi@700-960Hz3.9dBi@1710-2690MHz5G: 4.4dBi@3300-3800MHz4.3dBi@4200-4900MHz
Polarization Linear
Impedance 50 OHM

Material & & Mechanical

Radome material PC+ABS
Connector Type SMA connector
Connector Pull Test >=3.0Kg
Connector Torque Test 300~1000 g.cm


Operation Temperature - 45˚C ~ +85 ˚C
Storage Temperature - 45˚C ~ +85 ˚C
Operation Humidity <95%

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