Outdoor IP67 GPS Active Antenna 1575.42 MHz 34 dBi

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Multi-purpose satellite positioning antenna, suitable for satellite search and positioning in various complex weather environments, reducing signal delay, high positioning accuracy and stable signal.

Easy to install, small and convenient, can be used as portable equipment or fixed equipment

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Product Introduction

Outdoor IP67 GPS Active Antenna with a frequency of 1575.42 MHz and a gain of up to 34dBi. Designed for outdoor use, the antenna is ideal for a variety of applications including RTC locomotive tracking, military vehicle and asset tracking, precision agriculture, and differential correction.

Outdoor IP67 GPS Active Antenna 1575.42 MHz 34 dBi

The frequency of this active antenna is 1575.42 MHz, which ensures strong and reliable GPS signal reception. It has a high gain of 34dBi, which guarantees excellent performance even in remote and challenging environments. Whether you are tracking rolling stock, military vehicles or agricultural equipment, this antenna will provide you with precise and accurate data.

Our IP67 rated antennas are able to withstand outdoor conditions including heavy rain and dust. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and is ideal for use in harsh environments. Whether it's scorching heat, freezing cold or pouring rain, this antenna will continue to deliver great results.

This GPS active antenna is designed for RTC rolling stock tracking, military vehicle tracking and asset tracking, precision agriculture and differential correction applications. With its high sensitivity and accuracy, it ensures seamless tracking and data collection. Whether you need to monitor the movement of vehicles, track assets or ensure precise positioning in agriculture, this antenna is ideal.

With their advanced features and rugged design, our GPS active antennas are suitable for a variety of industries and applications. Its versatility makes it an effective tool for professionals in transportation, defense, agriculture and more. When it comes to tracking and positioning, this antenna will not disappoint.

In summary, our outdoor IP67 GPS active antenna combines powerful features such as 1575.42 MHz frequency, 34dBi gain and IP67 rating. Its durability and reliability make it ideal for outdoor use, ensuring precise, accurate tracking and positioning. Whether you are in the transportation, defense or agriculture industry, this antenna is an excellent choice for all your GPS needs. Experience reliable performance and get the most out of your tracks with our GPS active antenna.

Product Specification

Electrical Characteristics

Frequency 1575.42MHz
VSWR <2.0
Gain dBi
Polarization RHCP
Impedance 50 Ohm
Half-power beam width 110+/-10
Axial Ratio <=5 dB
Phase Center Error < 2 mm
Maximum input power 10W

LNA Spec

Frequency 1575.42MHz
Gain 34 dBi
Passband Ripple <=2 dB
Noise Figure(dBi) ≤1.9(typical),≤2.5(Max)
V.S.W.R 2.0:1 Max.
Out-band Rejection(dB) 1575.42±30MHz    >12 dB1575.42±50MHz    >35 dB1575.42±100MHz   >70 dB
Differential Transmission Delay(ns) <=5
Voltage(V) 4-6
Current(mA) <=45

Material & & Mechanical

Connector Type N type connector
Dimension Ф85*55mm
Weight 1.0 Kg


Operation Temperature - 45˚C ~ +85 ˚C
Storage Temperature - 45˚C ~ +85 ˚C
Operation Humidity <95%

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