Outdoor IP67 FRP Antenna Fiberglass 5G LTE Antenna

Short Description:

The Fiberglass Antenna 5G LTE is designed to provide high gain and reliable connectivity,
One of the standout features of this antenna is its waterproof design.
With our range of customizable connectors, you can easily integrate the Fiberglass Antenna 5G LTE into your existing network infrastructure without any hassle.

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Product Introduction

This product is a glass fiber 5G LTE antenna with excellent performance and wide range of applications. It is an outdoor omnidirectional antenna that can provide 360-degree maximum coverage on the horizontal plane.

The working frequency range of this antenna is from 3700MHZ to 4200MHZ. It not only has excellent signal transmission performance, but also can be used in harsh environments. The antenna is waterproof and UV-resistant, and can be used in various harsh environments to ensure long-term stable work.

3.7-4.2G 10cm SMA (5)
3.7-4.2G 10cm SMA (4)
3.7-4.2G 10cm SMA (3)

The antenna is widely used in urban coverage, rural communication, industrial Internet of Things, intelligent transportation and other fields. This antenna provides reliable signal coverage whether in busy cities or remote rural areas. It will make the implementation of the Internet of Things more convenient and provide a solid foundation for projects such as industrial automation, smart cities and smart transportation.

This fiberglass antenna is sleek, durable, and doesn't detract from the aesthetics of its surroundings. It is made of high-strength fiberglass material to ensure wind resistance, shock resistance, anti-corrosion and other properties. No matter in high temperature, low temperature, rainy or dusty environment, it can keep working well.

The installation of this antenna is very simple and it is suitable for various antenna brackets. Its omnidirectional performance eliminates restrictions on antenna orientation, ensuring wide signal coverage. In this way, users can obtain high-quality signals without adjusting the antenna angle.

3.7-4.2G 10cm SMA (2)

Product Specification

Electrical Characteristics

Frequency 3700-4200MHz
VSWR <2.0
Gain 10+/-dBi
Polarization Vertical
Horizontal Beamwidth 360 ˚
Vertical Beamwidth 8 °±3 ° 
Impedance 50 Ohm
Max. Power 50W

Material & & Mechanical

Connector Type N type connector
Dimension Φ20*600mm
Weight 0.5 Kg
Rated Wind Velocity 36.9m/s


Operation Temperature - 45˚C ~ +85 ˚C
Storage Temperature - 45˚C ~ +85 ˚C
Operation Humidity <95%

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