Embedded Antenna PCB with UFL plug

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Support PCB or FPCB ect.

Cable design from 0.81~1.37, RG178 cable.

Connector can be customized.

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Embedded antenna is embedded inside the device, whether it be a smartphone, tablet computer, wireless network module, or any other electronic device, without taking up extra space. The result is a device that is not only more compact and beautiful but also offers efficient signal reception and transmission.


One of the standout features of our built-in antenna is its compact design. By seamlessly integrating the antenna into the device, we have eliminated the need for any external protrusions. This not only makes the device sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing but also more practical, as it takes up less space.

Furthermore, our built-in antenna offers flexibility and adjustability to meet various communication requirements. With the ability to adjust the frequency of the antenna according to customer needs, we can ensure that the device achieves optimal performance in different communication scenarios.

The optimized design and placement of our built-in antenna ensure excellent signal reception. This means that whether you're making a phone call, browsing the internet, or streaming video, you can expect a stable and reliable connection. No more dropped calls or sluggish internet speeds with our cutting-edge antenna technology.


Our built-in antenna finds application in various fields. In wireless communication equipment such as smartphones, tablet computers, and wireless network modules, it enables high-speed and stable wireless communication, ensuring you stay connected at all times.


Can you supply the relevant documentation?
Yes, we can provide most documentation including Certificates of Analysis / Conformance; Insurance; Origin, and other export documents where required.

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