RF cable assembly SMA male to SMA male

Short Description:

Frequency: 0~12GHz

Connector: SMA connector

Cable: Semi Flex cable

Product Detail

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Product Introduction

This high-performance RF cable assembly has excellent transmission performance and stability, and can effectively transmit high-frequency signals to ensure data accuracy and reliability.

The cable is used of semi-flexible cable, which has good flexibility and bending resistance. At the same time, high-quality SMA connectors can provide low insertion loss and excellent isolation performance to ensure the quality of signal transmission.

This RF cable assembly is mainly used in the field of communication infrastructure, and can be used in the construction of wireless networks, telecommunication base stations, satellite communications and other projects. It can provide stable signal transmission to ensure the reliability and coverage of the network.

At the same time, in the field of testing instruments, this product is also indispensable. It can be connected with various test instruments, such as spectrum analyzers, signal generators and other equipment, to measure and analyze high-frequency signals to ensure product performance and quality.

Product Specification

Electrical Characteristics
Frequency DC~12GHz
VSWR <1.3
Impedance 50 Ohm
Material & & Mechanical
Connector Type SMA connector
Cable Semi Flex cable
Operation Temperature - 45˚C ~ +85 ˚C
Storage Temperature - 45˚C ~ +85 ˚C


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